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this is the kansas city area i believe, where they're expecting up to a foot of snow and there's some bad stuff down south. the end ooh end of the same storm. north and eastern louisiana, and watch the map. southeast louisiana is going to get it as well. the upper right part of mississippi as well. some rough weather throughout the day. be careful. nasa reports a massive black spot on the sun is the size of six earths and could trigger solarrer flares this week. they're bursts of radiation that have the potential to disrupt the power grid. radio communication and satellite feeds. nasa reports the sun is reaching the peak of its 11-year activity cycle this year. then, there's this. before we wrap things up here. police in a boston suburb say they received a 9-1-1 call on
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wednesday night, which is last night. the caller said nothing and hung up the phone. the dispatcher called back to find out why you called me and didn't say anything. a woman answered and explained her ten-year-old son called nine one one with the intention of reporting her to police. the crime? making him going to bed when he didn't want to. so an officer went to the house to make sure the story checked out. so the of explained the little boy when it is appropriate to call nine one one, you call and when its not, it's not. and to the his country is soft on crime no files were charged. the dow is down a bit. that not go to kill us. your world with neil cavuto captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> here comes the snow. then here comes he snow jobs.
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fox on top of the flakes and on top of the flakes. before we get to that beastly storm, a look at some plain old, well, bs. >> eight days from now, a tremor will hit the american economies by impacting the people who work in the food safety area of usda. >> terrible consequences to public halve. >> the country less safe and the communities less safe as a result of sequester. >> the air air traffic controllers. >> 750,000 americans will not have jobs. >> now, you would think they way they're talking, the sequestration next week, we're all eating con tam it inned meat next week. i say these cuts go through we'll all be eating mr. ed here.
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>> what kind of a name is ed for a hours. >> what kind of name is wilbur for man. >> that's -- >> what a bunch of horse you know what. leaving aside all the other cuts, the agriculture department could pursue, if it really has to due really think the first thing they'll butcher is policing the butcher andry'll stop giving hundreds of towns of memory ill patients their mets and letting them go on the streets? we told you many times the 85 cuts hair talking about in the seem of thing ises chump change. $16 trillion debt. and as to all of is here, we
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risk cutting ourway way to as state, let me allay washington, and, of you, of those turns right now. not a risk. not a worry, not even chrysler. what if we were being austere? we are not. under the most of the draconian cuts we'll still be spending more than a trillion bucks than we're taking in and still be looking at trillions more debt in ten years, not less debt. defense will be bigger. medicare will be bigger. social security will be bigger. everything in government will be bigger, including, i suspect, the bill to pay for it all. your taxes. the only thing going up faster than the lies is this assault from the tax man himself. so fear not being cut into oblivion, my friends. fear more than not cutting anything, guaranteeing our oblivion. the risk isn't that we end up eating horse meat.
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the risk is that they get away saying this horsele poop -- enough already with the horse. it is amazing, don't you think? come on. >> it's great to be with you. it's amazing. i think what you see coming out of washington, dc, and especially from president obama, is a very schizophrenic political game. if you understand the whole idea about sequester came from the white house, and we know that for a fact because according to the press secretary, according to senator bachus and bob worldy, and then in 2011 said he would veto any plan to avoid the sequester. and then in 2012 he said the sequester could not happen. now he comes back from playing golf with tiger woods, he has his conference and starts with the fear mongering and the threats. it's very simple, neil. there are two pieces of
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legislation that will replace the sequester with very real spending cuts that we passed last year in the house of representatives, hr5652 and hr6684. but you also talk about something that we all must realize. until we move away from the baseline budget system where we have an increase and basically talking about cutting the increase, we'll never get to the real problem in wbc. >> when i looked at what the republican strategy was on this, sit this out, wait the president out, continue with their vacation as planned, obviously they're thinking he has more to lose on this than they do and by not enter taping tax increases at all, since they swallowed it with the agreement a few weeks back, they can just sit this out. is that a risky strategy, though? >> i dope think it's a risky strategy. i think if you continue to come up with a policy of appeasement to bail the president out from his own idea, then you're not going to look like you have any
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resolve or resilience simple let's talk about this fiscal cliff deal where we saw 41 tuesday of tax increases to one dollar of spending cuts and the revenue general ited off the flow fiscal cliff deal was 0 some all billion dollars. that's already been spent because of the hurricane sandy relief. so this 85 billion you're talking about will be eye lipsed in no time whatsoever because you still have an increased spending in washington, dc. >> people forget that. you know this stuff in and out. in the scheme of things this the $3.8 trillion budget, this is a joke, 85 billion. furthermore, half the 85 billion, leaving they've aside, republicans know in the scare game -- which we'll get into later -- that it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy and if it's does have economic impact, the president will say, blame the other side. certainly not me.
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>> of course. that's the schizophrenic political game being played with the idea that he created. it should be about solutions instead of having across the board cuts we can have vertical cuts which will allow agencies to look at the specific wasteful program wes need to get rid of. ow can go back and have the senate pass the two pieces of legislation that the house has already passed, and we have done that on several occasions. but to just sit around and scream and yell about the sky is falling, that's not leadership, neil, and that is what is lacking from the white house. >> neil: i want to be clear. the president was well aware over the cuts coming down the pike when he went into this golf weekendend. if there was going to be the fear mongering about fewer meat inspectors and me. he ill patients on the streets without their meds, he knew that was coming when he went on his golf vacation. he just didn't find out monday morning. >> well, the president was aware of this back in 2011 when he
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said he will veto any means by which we try to avert having sequestration hit, and then, of course, is a said during the final presidential debate he said, quote opaques, sequestration is not going to happy. so we have not seen any solution from him other than the craft -- craft of giving good speeches. >> this just didn't pop up. you knew these cuts were baked into the cake, the more extreme ones, you coulding are, were they really baked in at all. but having said that, if you knew this was coming down the pike, would you take to the sand trap? anyonewhile, never mind that -- the scare tactics actually work? ultimately becoming a self-fulfilling consumer-stopping prophecy. this clinical psychologist says it's a very real hicks. fear tens to stop a lot of folks in their tracks tracks and alrem
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hearing some rational quotes who say, wow, this is going to be painful. we're going to be eating horse meat and our drugged will be spry mice. >> fear will actually cause people to do a couple things. causes the fight or flight. and what the president has done so effectively -- one of the most powerful psychological dynamics any leader can do -- you set up a triangle, and the triangle works like this. you get some people that are dissatisfied, and you paint them or have them feel like they're victimized -- that's the first part -- by a specific persecutor, and in this instance the persecutors or the rich or the 1% or the big corp corporations, and then in the third piece you step in as the rescuer from the perpetrator. this is one of the most powerful dynamics. it to splitt to split organizations, they use it to split marriages --
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>> neil: the president is the rescuer. >> he comes in and -- politicians do this a lot. they'll paint a fear scenario and in fear scenarios we're going to run to safety or run away or get paralyzed and if you can paint one object as -- if we can stop the bad guys, stop the cuts, stop the ones who want to do this for the rich or whoever, then i'm in the position to do that, so it pulls everybody into my corner. >> neil: can't it also get old if it keeps hearing? you keep scaring people, that eventually people start saying, you cried wolf a lot. >> ultimately -- and that what we have heard a lot. this can only happen in a vacuum, and so ultimately the rescuer has to deliver relief from the distress. the way out of this and what great leaders do is great leaders transcend that divide. they don't try to create that divide. great leaders stand above it, and they ask everybody to join
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in to go in a different direction and here is the way you can tell a great leader. they ask everyone to participate in some kind of sacrifice for where we're going. if you remember what jfk said, he didn't say, the country will do everything for you. he asked everybody, ask not what the country is going to do for you but what you can do, and great leaders get out of this divisive thing, above it -- >> are you saying that president obama isn't doing that? >> i'm saying this strategy and this triangle will always do the same thing. if you can step in and you can say, i'll rescue you and protect you is a better word -- from the bad guys. who the bad guys are, big business a lot of times -- then you're going to get a following, and it's just physics and it works. >> neil: you become your own self-fulfilling prophecy, slow things down and then couldn't it
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backfire because you're the big cheese? >> you slow things down and also move them a direction so it's going towards a solution that -- everybody went on vacation. if the sky is really falling, you don't -- where is everybody? remember in the cries of '08? nobody went on vacation. these buys were holed up like around the clock. >> neil: thank you very. jury much. in the meantime, here comes the latest on the other storm. why the winter that won't end is upending the record books. i thought this was suppose told be the warmest winter. right now anything but. if there's global warming why are there so many people in this country freezing? [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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>> at least 60 million americans, one deadly winter storm. snow showers ice, sleet, tornadoes in some parts of the country, including those who have never seen the stuff before. in the middle of it all, kansas city, missouri. what's the latest? reporter: this massive snowstorm hoss brought downtown kansas city to a virtual standstill. some sparts seeing up to nine inches of know today. here comes the snow plow behind me. all the public schools and many of the businesses are closed today. there you see they're actually dog a pretty good job keeping the roads clearing but this morning the commute was a nightmare, an icy mess. spinouts and accidents. and also at the kansas city airport, which is closed right now, heavy snow and poor visibility. but for farmers, they welcome
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all of this precipitation coming in the midst of a long and severe drought, and even the mayor of kansas city says it's not the end of the world. >> this city is still functioning on a necessary level, but we're going to take today off and enjoy the kid home from school. go sledding down the hills. but the main thing is staying at home and staying safe. reporter: it is tough going on the roadways. more than 90 miles on the main east-west interstate, i-70, closed to traffic. that will impact interstate commerce and business travel. other major highways could close as well. the storm may only last 24 hours but will have a severe economic impact. so perhaps it's no surprise the governors of both kansas and missouri have declared states of emergency. back you. >> neil: in the meantime, where is this monster headed next? rick knows. >> still right across the
1:19 pm
central plains, part moving to the north, part the south and bring flooding but, nebraska and kansas, the two bull's eye areas with the heaviest of the snow. and the drought is across much of nebraska and kansas. any storm like this is nothing but good news for the farmers across the area. we desperately need it. so each week they'll take a storm if they can get it. we have seen over a foot of snow in kansas and omaha, and another batch will move in later on. icy conditions in arkansas and st. louis, and that's dangerous stuff. you can't drive. and we saw power outams with that as well. to the south, the tornado threat, especially across southern louisiana, through the night. >> neil: well, now, despite this massive storm, and the one that put the northeast on ice not too
1:20 pm
long ago, global warmists are still sounding the alarm. but meteorologists are not buying any of it. i never know how this argument works. if it's hot, it's global warming. it's cold, it's global warming. you've have a headache or stomachache, it's global warming. everything can go back to that issue. you're saying there's something else going on here. can you explain? >> well, first of all, that was a great segment before. and to paraphrase another democratic president, fdr, we have nothing to fear but fear is i itself. what we have to fear is the people who are stirring up fear and there's no greater example than that, than the issue of weather and climate, as to what is actually driving this. we're seeing a weather pattern very similar to the 1950s where the pacific began its cooling soil, the atlanta wick was still washing, and when that happens, big throughouts in the center of the country during the summer season, heat waves,
1:21 pm
hurricanes, and you can see the end game in 1956, 1958, 1960, actually happened in '69, most recently 2010, where we had all the snow that fell in february and march and then spring comes. it's a natural cycle, and if you study the weather, you see it happening. >> neil: these weather patterns you try to teach me about, and i'm such a poor student, where does this winter right now rack up or rack down temperature-wise? >> it's been a warmer than normal winter. it will probably wind up pressie close to average. the three month coldes period is december 5 knock march 5 until. when the normals are lowest. what we have been emphasizing here -- i was on fox business back on january 16th or 17th , a friday morning, and saying that the last half of
1:22 pm
winter would be -- >> neil: why. i would would you quote don imus' program when you're on my program? >> well, i thought you guys were buddies. i was just -- >> neil: all right. i'll play along. >> got me trapped there. what i'm trying to say there, neil, we said this before, that we were going to go into this pattern for the end game of winter, rougher than the front of winter, because of the way the pattern was evolving. you can see the general idea of the pattern but you got to get the details right. we're going to get another storm, a storm -- this storm now is going to regenerate over new england saturday afternoon, saturday night, and we get another storm next week. >> all right, joe, see what happens. meantime, feely woozy? it's beastly. no wonder they're angry.
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>> neil: no playing around. the healthcare law -- ready do raise hell? and spider-man, good luck getting out of this web. universe about to drop health insurance for shorttimers. she saw this coming. she predicted it on this show. you folks just keep merrily wandering by. betsy? >> it's a sad story. >> they can't afford it. >> and the reason is thistle the law says that employers with 50 or more fulltime works have to provide the government mandated essential benefit package. that add 1.9 an hour the cost of a fulltime worker. but the law doesn't say you have to provide it for parttime worked and universal in the past has provided very modestly
1:27 pm
priced minimum minimum mid -- mini-met plans but enough that's against the law. >> neil: i heard that and then i remembered the president said -- you remember this famous promise. listen to this. >> if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. if your like your doctor, like your plan, you can keep your doctor and keep your plan, if your loculare healthcare plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. no one will take it away. no matter what. >> neil: i out otta -- >> anybody in 1984 would have nope that is untrue. >> neil: what did you see coming that would make a decision like universal's say, no mas.
1:28 pm
>> because there is no tooth fairy, neil. when the guy required -- i knew it was going to shock you wereton the government requires -- attendance candidate offer more and more, to cover kids until their 26. eliminate annual caps on coverage, lifetime caps to make preventive care -- you have to pay for it and the government says employers can only provide the essential benefit package. >> that dot this mean for parttime workers? >> they're going to be dumped into medicaid or have to make their way into the state insurance exchange and buy the one-side-fits all government designed plan. >> neil: which is pricey. >> it's pricey but there's no choice. medicaid, which many of these parttimers will probably be put into, that is not a pretty picture because medicaid coverage is perilous. for example, surgery patients on
1:29 pm
medicaid are 50% more likely to die after surgery than surgery patients on private insurance. in fact at i be on medicaid than to have no insurance at all. >> neil: sounds like the president is getting his way in the end. it wasn't about a single pair system, but in the end it's going be to uncle sam and only up kell sam. >> i'm very disappointed to see what -- >> neil: many people say he just hates -- >> let's face it. for politics, medicaid is a verb. i minds spend, spending, spending, on more benefits in the hopes the federal government will pick up the tab. he suggested the legislature expand medicaid as the law, because the federal government has promised to pay 100's for three years and 90% afterwards. but the federal government generally breaks its promises.
1:30 pm
>> neil: having said that, i there this was the notion -- the same thing governor brewer in arizona -- they didn't want city control from the federal government so they felt that by -- >> that was more with the exchanges. >> neil: i understand. actually i don't but i'm trying to say i do. better have some control than no control. >> here's the real glitch, which jan brewer from arizona pointed out. legal immigrants evidently are eligible to go to the exchanges regardless of their income and get subsidized health insurance, up to -- i think almost $100,000 a year household income. but citizens who earn below poverty would have to be on medicaid, and she said if i don't expand medicaid some arizona residents will be uncovered but they'll be 1 -- >> neil: she and a lot of us were all dead set against this. one of the latest holdouts -- we don't know yet -- is new jersey but there seems to be something
1:31 pm
that ultimately push. >> they want the federal dollars. >> neil: means you pay nor. >> means there will be fewer benefits for some people in the state. but what they -- they're short-sighted. they're ignoring the fact that state is going to go bankrupt when the federal government pulls back on its promise, and medicaid has been vastly expanded, and state taxpayers have to pick up the bill. >> neil: universals to come, more stuff to get you sick to come. >> that's right. >> neil: thank you. >> forget what i said about the tooth fairy. >> neil: yeah. my kid watch this show. it was a joke, kids. meanwhile, coming up... >> where is the -- i showed you.
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>> neil: illegal immigration has people on edge. just wait until voters hear about the senate's latest idea to fix and it whether that is even legal. [ male announcer ] any technology not moving forward is moving backward. [ engine turns over, tires squeal ] and you'll find advanced safety technology like an available heads-up display on the 2013 lexus gs. there's no going back.
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>> neil: everybody smile. i.d. could be okayed but not just for illegals. i'm talking everybody. everybody. the wall street journal report something senators, among that gang of eight on immigration reform, are considering -- just considering for the time being -- federal for
1:36 pm
every u.s. worker. but is -- this is a bio metric i.d. that will have your fingerprints and other stuff. and that has some wondering whether it's even legal. is it? >> fancy span si is a good way to put it. we're at increasing odds with forgery and. the this is what just we need. this is what we need to protect our privacy, to protect our security. we need a full-proof neglect and plan of fixing what we have. >> neil: worry about, i'm from the government, i'm here to help, and the national i.d. card is going to cure our ills. how does it make these problems disappear? >> i don't think it does. you can make the argue. you want to stop traffic accidents, day away cars. you want to stop crime at light?
1:37 pm
don't let people come out of their hours. make the speed 15-miles-an-hour. no one will die in a car accident in this country, there's something called privacy and we can debate the constitutionality of it but the first amendment talks bit it, the thirded, the 14th -- >> how does the invasion of -- we already have driver's licenses -- >> because you're take really personal information, fingerprints, they talk about iris identification, all that biometric stuff. you're going to put it in a centralized place. the government will be able to track your everywhere busy. you talk about new levels of surveillance. people don't like redlight cameras. >> neil: where could this lead and. >> where this could lead, people leave fingerprints all over the play. you need fingerprints when you go to disney world. there's a way of identifying you. your social security number. i could go into the trash right now and find out information about you and what your social
1:38 pm
security number is. can you can't replicate someone's i.d. or fingerprints. that is what -- >> neil: i wouldn't mind these intrusions if it guaranteed we were cracking ounce don ill -- cracking down on ill illegal immigration. we may just find smarter rats. >> i think you run into two problems. what is going to be next? and invariably someone will say, it worked for immigration. let's do it at the airport. let's do it in lieu of a driver's los angeles let's do it here, there, and everywhere. now all of a sudden we're level in, i think betsy put is, the orwellian state, where we can track your every movement. >> neil: they already do that now. >> but we don't like to talk about it and we don't like to think about it. we just saw the supreme court talk about gps and warrantless searches. there's the other thing itself bad guys are always one step ahead of the curve and, i promise both of you the bads guy
1:39 pm
ares going to try to figure out a way to play with the biometric card so you can make it phony because the bad gay guys are ahead of the good guys. >> neil: next thing, college age kid coming up with false i.d. so they can drink. >> it's easy to make. you can buy a fake i.d. on the street with someone's names and addresses. but someone's fingerprints is something that you can't get pass and something we need. it's moving the right direction. >> neil: do you really think this cracks down on the illegal immigration problem? >> i think it's a step in the right direction for sure. >> neil: how? >> listen. there are people out there who are stealing identities nell neil i -- >> neil: i know that but if supreme find way around the system i assume these types can find their way about this?
1:40 pm
>> i don't think it's that easy. you're talking about the scan of vens. >> i could take randy's hand, force it on a pad of ink and put my name on top of that, waughla. d voila. >> who is going to pay for this? $22 billion to institute this. $2 billion a year? >> isn't security worth the price? >> i don't think so. at what cost? and not just the cost but the cost of our real -- >> neil: you have your doubts. you are more upbeat. >> i certainly am of i think many people would be. i think this is he -- >> neil: i think they would sign of if they had a guarantee the pain and inconvenience would be worth it because we'll be more protect it just like they put up with the craziness at airports because they feel better protected. >> you see a lot of very unhappy
1:41 pm
and angry people. i think it's going to be -- >> neil: not in my back yard. randy, payment, thank -- randy,, thank you very much. i don't know how i knew about the kids in college and fake i.d. do you remember those green job to president promised? he got them. now here's the bad news. we don't got them. china does. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and en treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero hearurn. yeah. then how'd i get this...
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>> neil: here we go again. another green energy company that it may be going to china. this time it's the maker of the
1:45 pm
hybrids. fiakar has a $350 million from china. we've been down this road before. if this were to come to pass, lesson? >> the lesson is that crony socialism is bad. that having government pick withins and losers is bad. the lesson is that -- i don't know how many times we need to learn this -- between solyndra and tesla and fisker, that giving taxpayer money to donors -- that's the case here -- with fisker, the ceo there is on president obama's panel on jobs and one of the senior partners in the firm that is the primary firm backing this, is al gore, a senior
1:46 pm
partner in this firm. the factory they were planning on opening up in delware, joe bideen's state, never opened. the state of delware is stuck with the bills and the place. they're keeping it operating. it used to be a gm plant. they hoped a plan in scandanavia and all the jobs -- we never got the jobs. we gave up $529 million in our money and your money and my money, and this is just another example of what ought to be on "60 minutes" but won't be for some inexplicable reason. this is typical of the obama administering -- >> neil: you could flip it around and say, successful thriving company, gets bids from around the world. this is from china but it does fly in the face of a president that made this promise, not that many years ago. >> make sure that good jobs in
1:47 pm
clean energy or high-tech manufacturing don't up in country like china. >> i will not cede the wind or solar or battery industry to china. >> i don't want to see wind turbines or solar panels and high-tech batteries made in other countries by other workers. >> neil: a we create these industries, with taxpayer money, spruce them up, get them ready, launch them, china buys them. >> well, also, the largest wind mil farm in the united states of america is in texas and the temperature byes are made in china. it would almost be unbelievable if it weren't true there are a certain number of companies that are alive and doing well and fine but the private mark has done a pretty good job over the last couple of centuries and beyond, in europe, of picking winners and loser, and when you have people who have never been
1:48 pm
in the privity sector, choosing for us and using our money, billions and bill, and you see the results they're getting and that's playing the audio is almost historicalout bit a theme, and the fact that it's china -- two chinese companies bidding for fisker, and it's undoubtedly going to end up with one of them. they say the bidding is open but nobody -- neil: that's overpaying. hasn't happened yet but the bids are on the table. we shall see. meantime, pinning the solution on him. a winning strategy for him? rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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>> neil: which party is playing this to the hilt? bounce on the phone. bob, someone is going to get the better of this battle. >> i think for now it's the president because -- who knows. the president is the one during the debat -- debate last year that said the success success is not going to happen and it's going to happen a week from tomorrow. obama reached out to speaker boehner and mitch mcconnell today. there's no progress. this is all a p.r. game at this point. >> neil: then republicans have calculated, whatever the risk, it's worth it. >> they have to pick their fights with obama and decided not to pick a fight, at least not yet, on the debt limit. that it will be this summer's battle, and the government shutdown. the government is funded through march 27th. so, republican leaders too not
1:53 pm
want to shut the government down. so here it's an easy one they can pick a fight because if they do nothing, they get $1.2 trillion in cuts. they don't really have to too anything. it's in the law that president obama himself signed. >> neil: i'm wondering with all the fear tactics, we're going to be eating horse meat and -- mental patients on the street and people will realize, none of this stuff came to pass. none of the end of the world scenarios happened. maybe it could be boy who cried above moment and people will say, wait a minute. >> that's right. that you can cut a significant amount from the budget and nothing will happen. or not anything significant will happen. i mean, some republicans are kind of y2k, and when it happened, nothing happened. well, the congressional budget office said $750,000 jobs will be lost the danger for
1:54 pm
republicans is anywhere there's a work site explosion for a food safety problem d, -- sequester. >> what about the idea that this is going to lead to a slowdown going to hurt the economy, and i'm thinking like, if you're worried about cutting our way into austerity, i don't think you have to worry. i don't think 85 billion and a $3.8 billion budget and a 16 plus trillion dollar debt and a 20 trillion-dollar debt, i don't think there's a risk of that. >> remember the first battle when obama was going up against the new house republican majority about spending levels? they were fighting over $50 billion, and they were all these claims of draconian cuts. i think this is kind of a waiting game, and it is a matter of, let's see what happens, and then how the parties react to
1:55 pm
it. but right now, it's just finger pointing. >> neil: the republicans are saying we have agreed to these tax hikes we didn't want to agree to and we're dead set against doing more because we felt disproportionalie lethees deal. you got them a range of 40 to 1, tax hikes over spending allowances. so, they figure they're good for these negotiations going forward. how long is that going to last? >> you know, think it's going to last at least for awheel. i think it will last for a month to see how this plays and some republicans who are not from defense districts point out, if you go back on the defense side, you're going back to 2006-2007 levels where the u.s. was fighting two major wars. defense lawmakers have a different view of that. >> neil: thank you for keeping us up-to-date. who am i to throw more water on this?
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
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>> neil: all right, now who am i to pile on this whole rubio waterric? seeing that others in the media won't let go, a i low me to flip it around and warn and you could be the guy ending up all wet. i can remember many laughing at the absecure arkansas governor for the tad-long nominating speech of him for michael dukakis in 1988. in closing -- [ applause ] >> neil: remember the media field day when their favorite nemesis of all time, richard nixon supposedly imploding his career after losing then to become california governor, only two short years after losing the presidency. >> just think how much you are going to be missing. you don't have nixon to kick around anymore. >> neil: but they did. i can remember when they laughed at that wimp george bush, especially though he was a war hero. when they rid ronald reagan of the clueless actor, thoug

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